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Maintenance Of Machinery.

Efficiency and lifetime of machinery are in direct proportion to preventive and predictive maintenance. It is clear that enterprises do not give due importance to this subject because of their workload. However machinery and equipment list shall be prepared and preventive and predictive maintenance must be planned in the first place.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is carried out daily, weekly, monthly, in 3- month, 6-month periods and yearly. Each period is for a different kind of maintenance practice. Some examples of many preventive maintenance practices are greasing, cleaning, controlling loose connections, filter alteration and etcetera.

Predictive Maintenance

These maintenances include tests and analyses performed proactively where malfunction is foreseen.Some examples of predictive maintenance are vibration tests, oil analysis, thermal camera measurements and records.

If due attention is not paid when machinery stop for a short time during production, undesired results may occur, such as longer stops and faults. In fact it is not difficult to minimize or even eliminate these stops. At this stage a machinery maintenance plan must be prepared immediately and performed without delay.

As you can see while you are visiting our website our team has been performing all these maintenances for years, so we, Legend Industrial Machinery Maintenance and Automation Services, have an extensive experience in machinery maintenance.

What We Do

Our services; Maintenance and Repair, Manufacturing, Transport, Counseling.

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel is more durable, long lasting and functional than its alternatives, maintenance of the machinery with stainless steel is more cost-efficient and they deliver higher performance.

Machinery Transportation and Installation

We are assertive about disassembly, hauling, and starting of current manufacturing equipment after stock analysis within determined time in case of change of in-plant layout of machinery, creating new areas for new equipment or complete transportation of entire factory due to needed need for capacity increase for new projects.

Maintenance And Repair of Electronic Cards

Prefer Us To Repair Your Electronic Cards, Because: Electronic cards perform control of machinery. First phase of machinery maintenance is to control electronic cards.

Hydraulic System Solutions

Motion of the machinery comes in existence when pumps, pistons, and valves worked in a specific principle. So, periodic controls and maintenances have a high importance for health of a hydraulic system .

Efficiency in Organizations

In order to minimize the costs of the enterprises in the conditions of competitive production, we call every kind of savings in the use of resources.Of course, equipment productivity is at the top of the list at the top of the productivity that can be done at various points of the field.


Automation stands for every kind of standardization on equipment and automatic operation environment applied to minimize human errors during production and preserve product quality. Most important point here is to have each processing and each circuit worked with zero-error and relieve of human initiative.


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance approach which considers participation of all employees form executives to laborers necessary, aims to maximize equipment efficiency, to repair breakdown and to prevent repetition of faults, and provides autonomous maintenance.

Technical Consultancy

Main frame of Legend Industrials services is to analyze system troubles of businesses and organizations and present solutions, provide guidance for implementation of improvement and report the results.

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