Automation stands for every kind of standardization on equipment and automatic operation environment applied to minimize human errors during production and preserve product quality. Most important point here is to have each processing and each circuit worked with zero-error and relieve of human initiative.
One of the most important characteristics of automation is its maintainability and availability to be updated in the future.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), pneumatics (systems working with compressed air) or hydraulic circuit components, sensors or camera systems when it is controlled from multiple points as occasions require.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller
Some of its components are:
CPU (central processor) Input Modules, Output Modules, Temperature Module, Analog Module, Communication Module
Automation is a comprehensive expression. As we mentioned before, it has different applications. Essential component of automations is PLC software. Operation logic and sequence of the equipment shall be explained to the person or the company who is going to create the software so that most appropriate software can be developed. There are many types of PLC in the market. In general, they have common purpose and function. What distinguishes them is their brand and model.
Most common PLCs in today is industrial applications are
-Allen Bradley
A quality-and-cost-based selection is made to choose from above mentioned brands.
Legend Industrial presents alternative solutions for PLC use during offer process.

Today, it is possible to see automation in various phases of industry sector. Leading sectors that benefit from automation are automotive, textile, telecommunication, and energy transmission systems. Smart home automation systems which have been rapidly progressed can be cited as a familiar example from daily life.

Labor cost reduction,
Faster production,
Lower error rate,
Standardization of products.

Investment cost, setup and implementation costs are high.
Raise of unemployment because it decreases, even clears off, need for human labor

In an attempt to achieve above mentioned targets, our company provides automation solutions for various needs of different customers and reports obtained profit.
First of all, during our visits to the customers, we determine the points where automation is needed and decide on ideal systems to be used in automation; and finally we make a presentation to the company executives explaining the costs in detail.
What is important for Legend Industrial is to make certain that the investment made for automation recovers the costs as soon as possible, as well as performing the automation through well-chosen equipment with expert operators. For this reason, we prefer to assist our customers to compare costs of brand and model alternatives of the equipment to be used and to present detailed solutions clearly that will be helpful in decision phase.
We primarily aim not to have our customers waste their money but utilize their resources reasonably to reach their goals with relevant costs within the shortest time. Fundamentally our most important goal is to answer all demands of our customers and support any kind of savings.
In this context our automation applications are:
Production of conveyors for various aims,
Andon Board (in production status-display systems) applications,
Modernization of equipment of old systems,
Installation of robotic systems on current production equipment,
Specific installation machinery and production of equipmentf or various needs.