We are assertive about disassembly, hauling, and starting of current manufacturing equipment after stock analysis within determined time in case of change of in-plant layout of machinery, creating new areas for new equipment or complete transportation of entire factory due to needed need for capacity increase for new projects.
Our primary purpose is to perform hauling as quickly as possible without overlooking the importance of human and property safety.

First of all electric power of the machinery is switched off in areas where hauling or installation is going to be performed.
Water and air inlets are canceled.
Electric cables are labeled with proper labeling equipment. This should be performed especially not to cause disorganization when supply and control cables are too much.
Any failure in cable connection causes short circuit when the equipment is activated. This gives rise to long term stops of equipment, industrial accidents, and even outbreak of fire.
Hydraulic coupling is labeled systematically as applied for electric cables and socket connectors. The aim here is to not mistake pipes and hoses with same diameter as mistaking them bring about similar problems. For instance decrease of oil damages inner groups of hydraulic pumps, undesired faulty direction causes pressure gradient, sudden decrease and increase break the equipment, and etc.
Most significant matters of this service are hauling the equipment with proper systems, using proper and safe fasteners, straps and ropes.
Derricks must comply with related certificates. Derricks and other equipment are chosen in accordance with the machinery.
After transferring machinery and placing them to their new places, they are leveled and all connections (electric, air, water, and etc.) are affixed. Maintenance and cleaning is performed before activation if necessary.
Machinery is delivered to manufacturers with a final check after functionality and security are fulfilled.

Why Legend Industrial?
As is seen, transportation and installation service seems easy but on the contrary it has many noteworthy detailed procedures. So, it has utmost importance to have an experienced and professional team consisting of experts who have an analytic thinking skill, work in a planned way and most importantly give particular importance to occupational safety.
Because we adopted these ideas as principle, Legend Industrial should be your first port of call.