As it is known, nearly every machinery we use in daily and business life have electronic systems. These systems are designed in line with requirements of humans.
Some machinery of our daily life, such as toasters, irons, refrigerators, televisions, combi boilers, and many other household appliances have electronic systems.
Machinery we use in our business life such as any kind of manufacturing machinery, water heating and cooling systems, derricks, automobiles also have electronic systems.

Prefer Us To Repair Your Electronic Cards, Because:
Electronic cards perform control of machinery. First phase of machinery maintenance is to control electronic cards. In the course of time, these cards and modules constituting electronic control systems break down and hinder operation of the equipment they control as a result of either losing function due to fatigue of their mounted components after long-term operating or irregular peak and drop of supply voltages.
Storage of substitute electronic cards and devices can cost heavy for some companies, so they regard immediate troubleshooting as the best solution. In some companies, on the other hand, stops may cause higher costs so they stock these cards and devices.
Our company performs repair of these electronic cards and devices (by determining the fault on site when needed). We achieve 90/95 % success on repair.
We pay strict attention to achieve repair with the lowest costs and within the shortest time.
Electronic card and device maintenance of the companies is performed within the specified periods on demand. Programs of critical devices can be backed up and thus long term stops are prevented by uploading backup program in fault conditions.

We can easily feel empathy with our customers because we have a team who has manufacturing background and had suffered same problems with our customers.
Primal electronically controlled devices which we serve maintenance and repair for.
-CPU (central processor) cards of grouting machinery, inflation machinery, robots, and etc.
-Analog cards, input and output cards, heat control cards,
-AC, DC, Servo motor drivers,
-Servo controlled hydraulic valve cards, proportional valve cards, pump valve cards,
-Tube, LCD, and touch displays, keypads of various machinery and etc.